About Us

Joshi Brothers Associates is a leading HR-Legal Compliance Services organization focusing on Labour Compliance Audit, Establishment Compliance, Factory Compliance, Contract Labour Compliance, Payroll Processing, and Payroll Compliance as well as providing Consultation & Legal Opinion. We have a presence in Gujarat region and are recognized as the proficient in Labour (HR) and Employment Compliance laws and their complexities.

Joshi Brothers Associates was founded by Lt. Shri Ratilal Laljibhai Joshi in year 1975 and since then it has been adding value to the organizations across the corporate domain. Today we have a team of qualified professionals including Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Business Administrators which cater the increasing complexity of business processes and compliance management.

Our operations and services are guided by professionalism and principles that stem from our core values and business ethics: integrity, trust, continuous learning and partnering progress. Our goal is to build enduring long term relationships with our clients by partnering with them for mutual growth and benefit.

Why HR/IR Compliance?

Today pressures of work have created a fluid and dynamic environment where businesses must make frequent and often radical changes to compete successfully. Taking a panoramic view of the business by process re-engineering is the talk of the hour. The magnitude of the work involved and with the limited amount of time available at the disposal of the Organizations human resources, it becomes difficult to focus on primary and core business activities. Hence it becomes essential to utilize the services of professionals to tackle the legal, ancillary and secondary procedural functions to gain a competitive edge.

Awareness and intent to comply with labour laws is high as the consequences of non- compliance can be quite detrimental to businesses. Companies are regulated by the social, legal, financial consequences and the damage to their reputation that even a small non- compliance can cause. Therefore, most companies are making 100% compliance their mission and their unique value proposition.

Good HR compliance ensures

  • Corporate governance at all levels.
  • Ability to quickly cope up with frequent amendments to both the Sate and Central laws.
  • Protection of the interest of various stakeholders

Our Clients Include

  • Textiles
  • Automobile Manufacturers / Dealers
  • Edible Oil Refineries
  • Manpower Supply Contractors
  • Fabricators
  • Power Industry
  • Mines
  • Pipe Manufacturers
  • Civil Construction Industry / Contractors
  • Copper Alloys and Brass Manufacturers
  • Petroleum Product dealers
  • Management Consultants
  • Technical Surveyors
  • Cements and Chemical Industry
  • Educational/ NPO Institution
  • Safety equipment manufacturers